Katie Lock

Maddy Mould

Vincent Walden


Lucky Me Lucky You

Lucky Me Lucky You is a collaboration like no other. Brimming with two illustrators and a graphic designer, a Katie, a Maddy and a Vincent; three is the magic number. Each of us have our own passions, but in unification we are much more, ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way – all mediums and all places. Our goal is to be original and play, there is nothing that couldn’t be fun, and why do it if it’s not?

Lucky Me? Lucky that we get to work with a range of exciting clients, doing what we love best.

Lucky You? Lucky that you get the chance to receive some fresh creative solutions.



Title: C-Art Safair Prints


Client: C-Art





Title: Stress 'Relief' Poster


Comp: Poster Project





Title: Vallum Branding


Client: Vallum Gallery





Title: Moon and Sun Stairwell Banners


Client: C-Art





Title: Lost in Space


Competition: Risotto's Riso Rooms





Title: CCNet Branding


Client: Cumbria Coaching Network